Saturday, October 2, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

How could I get a new press pass?

I contacted a friend who was on staff at the NYTimes, who had been embeded with troops in Iraq. I specifically asked him not to mention it to my daughter with whom he was friends with as I didn't want to worry her. After all I, even though I was committed to going to Afghanistan, it may prove to difficult to get to and I didn't want to alarm her.

I was hoping the NYTimes could somehow sponsor me.

He emailed me back with a treasure trove of information that included the fact that the NYTimes only sent 'Staff' writers like him to places like Irag and Afghanistan. Next, he emailed my daughter who immediately called me and aske me if I was out of my mind.

But this gave me the idea of contacting the paper I write for using a pen name. Maybe they would indemnify me, thus paving the way for a press pass.
Solares Hill