Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes: Signs Signs Everywhere A Sign

The signs on FOB Fenty are all hand painted by the artist Youseff. I didn't get a chance to meet him, but I as impressed with his work.  All the signage is replaced with each division.

Here are some of the signs I found along my way in the past year and a 1/2.


Camp Leatherneck

Camp Geronimo: all bases recycle!

Camp Leatherneck

Aid Station: FOB Joyce

The Spa on FOB Fenty

Private Internet

Aid Station FOB Fenty

All uniforms must be burned.

FOB Fenty Broncos

FOB Fenty Gym

FOB Bostick


COP Penich

Aid Station FOB Fenty

Mortuary Affairs FOB Fenty

New Chapel: FOB Fenty

Occupation Therapy: FOB Fenty

FOB Fenty

FOB Fenty

FOB Fenty

Take Your Malaria Medication

FOB Fenty

FOB Fenty

THE place to get your hair cut!


Trauma Center FOB Fenty

FOB Joyce

FOB Joyce


New Signage FOB Fenty

Me with CSM Spano FOB Fenty

It is VERY active!

All Divisions get a stone in the walkway.

The NEW sign for Mountain Warriors

FOB Finley Shields
All Bases, FOB's and COP's are named in memoriam. It is a sad, but powerful tribute to those that gave their life for their country.