Sunday, April 22, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes: around the FOB Fenty and Joyce

There are plenty of people to meet and photo opportunities to be had on FOB's. Especially walking around with a camera, I just sort of instigate conversation...most of the time in a direct manner like, who are you and what are you taking pictures of?

Everyone has a job. SPL Tyler Ogden, from Salem Oregon is a medic. He's sitting on a gurney in the Trauma Center that up until this moment of reprieve was full of casualties for 24 hours.

Here is an MP with their dog waiting for the CSM of the Army to arrive.

Of course the Army has lots of photographers. Here is Trey Harvey (I didn't get his rank) who is considered a combat camera.
The 4 4 has their own PAO photographer SPL Rainey

On my way over to FOB Joyce I got to fly with Maj Hank...the dog

On FOB Joyce I ran into PV2 Charles Hittle from Yukon, Oklahoma. This is his 1st deployment.

 And I ran into these two soldiers sitting outside taking a break on FOB Fenty.

There are lots of interesting people in the small town community of a Forward Operating Base. Eventually you meet everyone...some soldiers you get to know, others keep to themselves, just serving their time as quietly as possible.