Thursday, February 23, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Burning Korans

The bases in Afghanistan in the East especially are taking a lot of heat from this.

Gasoline trucks have been set ablaze and fire has been taken inside with lives lost. A problem with this is the fact that the US military has forgotten that the ANA are Afghan citizens and most likely Muslim. Burning the Koran is a defamation to all they believe. Religion is an interpretation. You have a population that does not agree with the most conservative interpretation, the Taliban, and they want to live in their country freely with freedom of religious interpretation. They do not object to those that want to embrace religion, but want to be allowed to interpret the Koran freely. This is what the war within Afghanistan is about.

Until Russia tried to take Afghanistan and forced the Taliban to intercede, Afghanistan was a forward thinking nation, albeit, 3rd world, but allowed women the choice of education.

But here we are, trying to intercede without teaching our soldiers the respect they need, so as to understand the people they are trying to's just heartbreaking.