Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Jacksonville hero Sgt. Clint Campbell

Looking for some good news surrounding Afghanistan it appears Sgt. Clint Campbell, just became a local hero. On January 18th, Tech. Sgt. Clint Campbell received the Silver Star for gallantry in battle on August 4, 2010.

The citation states: "His bravery in the face of withering enemy fire turned the tide of the battle, defeated the ambush and saved three teammates' lives and prevented certain additional casualties."

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Congratulations Sgt. Campbell. Our troops are still over in Afghanistan fighting for their lives and the lives of others and their freedom against the Taliban. We must still keep them in our hearts for as long as they are there.

It doesn't matter what your politics are. They are there now. Let's not forget that and let's honor them when they come home.

I was also happy to hear on NPR this morning that 40% of the Veterans that return to Florida find jobs. It should be 100%, but given the economy, this is a pretty good figure.