Monday, January 23, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Is there any good news about Afghanistan

I'm still working on my final embed into Afghanistan. It is going to be more difficult as rules have changed and it takes a lot more time. I probably should have begun this sooner, but I was relying on past experience. I am hoping I get in because I still have a lot of soldiers to meet and talk too.

While waiting I am looking for some good news about Afghanistan. While not great news, I found an interesting article regarding Polio and it's resurgence in Afghanistan. Apparently, polio is only found in was almost completely eradicated.

The irony is Karzai is blaming the Taliban for not allowing children to be vaccinated, but this is untrue according to the Taliban. In fact the children carry notes saying they are allowed to be vaccinated.

It's a great article. Polio on the rise

There is a small grain of good news just have to look between the folds of hatred.