Saturday, April 9, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes -

By this time next week I will be on my way back to Afghanistan with the 3BCT 25th Division. I am excited and concerned.

Deploying with the troops this time I will be one the ground as our fresh battalions replace other troops who have completed their tours. The question is: With more troops arriving, will they be able to bridge the disconnect between the smaller tactical units, such as the one I was embedded with, with the larger strategic trends?

The feeling in the air is that the US has the manpower and money to hold the ground, but now what? How does this campaign end? Will the handover actually work?

The spring weather will bring the seedlings from the wheat and corn provided by the US and the Taliban...throughout the history of the world, farmers have had difficulty eradicating the weeds because they are able to adapt, they are survivors...