Friday, March 11, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - civilian death

When I was in Helmand in January. December had been the worst month for IED's. The convoy that I was in based out of Geronimo had lost 28 mine-rollers in December alone. The Taliban Commander of that area had just been replaced with a new Commander. The old Commander had family in that region and was afraid for their welfare. The new Commander vowed to place more IED's. For the most part civilians have been killed by the Taliban.

It is unconscionable that civilians are killed by the US military. I do not know the full story about the 9 boys that were killed. I wish I did. I would write it as I knew it. The US Military has the technology to know who is where doing what. It's unbelievable.

Afghanistan civilian deaths: For Afghanistan civilians, 2010 deadliest year yet -