Thursday, December 2, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

Still no news...
The holidays are upon us. Tonight was the first night I drove around with holiday lights twinkling their bright colors in the dark. I doubt if there are any signs of holiday cheer in Afghanistan.

Reading an executive travel magazine got me to thinking about adventure travel. I have always loved to travel and been lucky to have spanned the globe as many times as I have. But being a traveler you always look for the next place...In Three Cups of Tea it's Pakistan and K2. For me it's war, but not as a soldier, as a traveler an observer of the natives.

When I first planned this trip I definitely didn't want to be in Afghanistan proper, just fly in and get to ISAF and check in. But now that the airline tickets are so freakin expensive...I just might stay a few days more and see the sights of Kabul.