Sunday, November 14, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

It's funny about going to's a great conversation opener. But thinking about it I wonder about my selfishness in going. Yes, I originally wanted to go to hug soldiers and tweet a holdiday message from them to their family, but I can see how it's affecting my daughters.

Don't get me wrong, they are being 100% supportive, but I can at times sense some anger because of the danger involved. They are now without a father and I don't think they could bear it to be without a Mom.

But then I think about why I need to go. There is something inside me that is compelling me to go. I really do believe that if it's meant to happen then it will. There is some divine fate at work here and that is why I moved to JAX in the first place.

Mostly I want to give the people wearing the uniform a voice. I know I can do this.