Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - red tape

I sent another email to Gabriel today telling him I hate waiting, but I will wait and I'm not complaining, but what if it gets to be two weeks before I go and there's no email from ISAF?

What prompted this was the fact that I made the appointment to get my innoculations. NINE shots plus two series, one of two and one of three. The latter is for rabies, which I am not going to get. It is discretionary and costs $900.00! It is so expensive being a soldier...in every way, clothing, inoculations, life.

I don't like getting shots. My father was a pediatrician and he used to give my brothers and me our shots at home. You would think that would be a nice thing, but my Daddy'O was a terrible shot giver. The only person he gave shots too were us! We longed to go to the office and get our shots from the nurses who gave hundreds a week.