Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - Couples Who Deploy

Couples who deploy together, stay's called the Army Married Couple's Program. Married couples are assigned within 100 miles of one another. I had met a few halves of couples on my deployment last year, but I finally got to met a whole couple, both Captains, the Leach's. Capt Ryan Leach and Capt Ashley Leach both met at LDAC in Ft. Lewis in 2006, but went their own separate ways. They met up a few years later and the rest is history.

Capt's Ashley and Ryan Leach

Once deployed into Afghanistan they only planned on seeing each one once a month, but working the system a little they both ended up on FOB Shinwar. They like being deployed together generally, but suffer from the same things most couples suffer from, however a little more exacerbated here. It's a little hard to get away from one another when you're living in a two man room the size of a large walk in closet and you can't get off the FOB. 

Yes all soldiers have their weapon with them at all times. Ashely actually sleeps with hers, I know this because I bunked next to her, Ryan carries a 9mm which is holstered so it's not visible in his picture.

The Leach's have made the best of their deployment together and they're headed back to Hawaii as I'm writing this.