Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't forget the military at the holidays!

The holidays can be joyous and depressing depending upon your situation. Most of us, no matter how dark our lives can be are able to find something to be thankful for and to see some beauty in our lives.

But being in a combat zone is one of the most difficult situations. Especially with how seemingly close your family is because of technology but how far away they really are.

Let's put politics aside. Our military is over seas risking their lives everyday. Think about that. Everyday when they wake up it could be their last. While most of us appreciate this, we cannot sincerely fathom how this affects you.

It's not too late to show your appreciation by sending out a package to the military for the holidays. There is  so much they would appreciate.

Here are some of my favorites: Nice lotion (there are women in the military also), good instant coffee, like Starbucks, a harmonica or yoyo, fun entertaining toys that take time and skill to master. Nonfiction books, biographies and books about war, people in the military love to read about the history of war. Home baked cookies or brownies, it doesn't matter what condition they arrive in...it's the thought that counts.

Go to Google and get ideas, there are plenty of sites. Here's one: p://www.supportourtroops.org/  If you know someone over there, ask them, they will tell you what they need and if they say nothing, send them a gift card to Amazon...they can order from Amazon!

It's easy to mail. Try and use a Priority Mail box as you want to mail it Priority. The post office will tell you all you need to know.

NOW GET OUT THERE AND SEND YOUR PACKAGE TODAY. I cannot tell you how much it will be appreciated.